All-terrain scooter

Stroll everywhere

Top speed
22 mph
Wheel size
16 inch
Starting from: £ 800
Why stand in queue,
if you can move
Off-road scooter
350 W
25 miles
330 lbs
Max load
We’ve reinvented electric scooter for you.
With G16 scooter now, you can go to places other scooters can’t even think about. Our scooter drives easily through grass, brick road, leaves. It is a real off-road in the world of scooters. 16-inch wheels gives you more freedom to go faster and longer.
3 speeds
10 mph / 15 mph / 20 mph
Waterproof IP54
Front and rear lights / braking lights
The devil is in the detail
3 speeds
Foldable handlebar 🤘
Disc brakes
Wide anti-slip deck
Wheel size 16 inch
Why stand in queue, if you can move
Charging made easy
With the removable battery and fast charger, it is so easy to stay fully charged 24/7.
You charge it from the socket
You charge it at home
You charge it at work
You choose where to charge
Enjoy the silence
Feel the music of the wind on the sunrise ride or night stroll. Where would you go?
Digital display
Anti-slip deck
Technical specifications
57.8 x 10.2 x 41.3 inches
Wheel base
40,4 inch
Max speed
22 mph
48V12.8Ah Panasonic
Max range
25 miles
44 lbs
Max load
330 lbs
Greenger Motors

Greenger G16 is a game changer in scooters world. When you look for a reliable crossroads scooter, you must be looking at Greenger G16. It is one of a kind scooter that can do high speeds and run off-road. Here’s its advantages in detail:

16 inch tubeless wheels

They are more of bicycle type. It gives G16 huge advantage on rough surfaces. Your scooter will not stuck in sand, leaves or mud. Without reducing speed, you can rover off the road into the wild! In addition, don’t forget that wheels like this increases your max speed without mounting risk to your life. Faster and safer ride with the wheels like this!

Wide anti-slip deck

Stand easily while you drive and don’t feel yourself as a bird on a wire. Take your friend on a ride with you and feel safe because the deck is wide and comfortable. G16’s deck makes your ride much safer and enjoyable then you get from the most scooters nowadays.

Outstanding ground clearance

4 inch ground clearance gives you freedom to stroll wherever you like. You won’t stuck in high grass, gravel, or sand. No need to have a second thought about the road you take. Just go everywhere!


IP54 level gives you another level of freedom as your battery is 100% safe if splashed in the puddle or under the heavy rain. Hassle free for a rider in changing weather conditions.

G16 is a real off-road scooter for all roads out there. All-terrain scooter – one of its kind in UK. Just hop on and hit the road!

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