Convenient model

Your mobility,
your Grace

75 miles
Max speed
28 mph
Maintenance costs
£ 6 per month
Starting from: £ 1,750
28 mph
Top speed
2 batteries
60V20Ah x 2
75 miles
Best range in category
SUNRA GRACE is created for your everyday commute.
It is light and easy to operate. Charging is simple and fast. It gives you freedom to decide where you want to be. How you want to be. Decision is yours.
Only £ 6
per month for charging
Available in 4 colours
Maintenance free
The beauty is in the detail
Cruise control
USB on board 🤘
2 speed modes: Eco / Fast
CBS braking system
Disk brakes
Let’s QEE
Charging made easy
With the removable battery and fast charger, it is so easy to stay fully charged 24/7.
You charge it from the socket
You charge it at home
You charge it at work
You choose where to charge
Enjoy the silence
Feel the music of the wind on the sunrise ride or night stroll. Where would you go?
In white
In red
In black
In blue
High quality Li-Ion battery
SUNRA GRACE is equipped with a Li-Ion battery 60V20Ah with an option to extend range by adding a second battery for your longer rides. You get an impressive 75 miles range.
Technical specifications
68 x 30 x 42 inches
Wheel base
47 inch
Max speed
28 mph
60V20Ah x 2
Max range
40/75 miles
160/180 lbs
Max load
330 lbs

Sunra Grace is a beautiful electric moped with benefits. Here is a short review of Sunra Grace:

Its design is a combination of classic style with high-tech novelties. Many colours to choose. Beautiful bodylines. Simple but gracious. Some of us need exactly this: simple, beautiful, and easy to ride.

Bright appearance does not mean it is not high-tech. Sunra Grace has all characteristics of modern electric moped for contemporary city. Batteries are removable to charge wherever you need – home, café, or work. By the way, its 2 batteries that you can use. So convenient. The range with 2 batteries ups to 75 miles which makes Grace easy going for several days in a row without charging. Smart, isn’t it?

There is no maintenance of Sunra Grace in its usual understanding. No petrol engine with its liquids and valves, no oil to change, no chains or belts. Amazing, right? So, those of you who want to go easy – it is exactly for you. Less problems and more savings. Speed up to your new way of free life.

The price of Sunra Grace is another reason to think about buying one. Buy smart and invest in your future. Save right from the start. So, don’t hesitate anymore, ask for a test ride and buy straight from the website.

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