Buying a moped

Where can I buy QEE moped?

You can buy your QEE moped only on this website. There are no shops that sell QEE mopeds in the UK. You choose on the website, order, pay, and it is delivered to your door by us.

Where can I test drive QEE moped?

Currently, there is no option to test QEE moped before buying one. At the time when moped is delivered to your address, you have an option for a short test drive in order to make you final decision.

We are working on launching test drive sites for your convenience.

How return policy works?

Upon delivery, the Buyer is entitled to examine and inspect the Goods provided prior to making any decision to cancel the contract. However, this right is limited and is specifically aimed at providing the same opportunity to Buyer as would have been the case if the Buyer had actually seen the Goods in person prior to making a purchase. Once the Goods have been accepted and signed for, the DVLA registration will be commenced and no cancellations will then be possible.

*Warning: Delivery fees are not a subject to return. In any return action pick-up and delivery costs may be applied. We guarantee full return of product cost according to the original price paid by the customer for the product only.

What is covered by the warranty?

We provide a warranty period of 2 years for the moped and 3 years for the battery.

It covers: motor, charger, digital display, lights, controller and frame. Not covered by the warranty: discs, wheels, braking pads, hand and foot grips and controls, plastic body details in case of mechanical damage or usage. Mechanical damage to the battery may result in cancellation fo the warranty.

You can check full warranty in Terms & Conditions.

Extended warranty may be bought as additional service. Please see conditions here.

How do you deliver a QEE moped to me?

Try QEE contactless delivery right to your door. You order and we bring it at your convenience. Tell us day and time suitable for you and we’ll be right there. As soon as your moped will be ready for delivery, we will reach out to you to set the date to rock’n’roll. Just wait for a doorbell to ring.

Estimated delivery timings:

Available inventory estimated delivery to your address is 5-10 days;

Custom ordered mopeds estimated delivery to your address is up to 24 weeks.

Warnings:  *Delivery estimated timings are subject to change without notice. **Delivery options may vary or be limited depending on delivery location within the UK.

Do I have to register a moped?

Yes, you do but we handle it for you! All fees of initial registration with DVLA are included in the price.

Riding a moped

What is the max speed of moped?

Sunra Robo-S max speed is up to 50 mph.

Sunra Grace max speed is 28 mph.

Greenger G16 max speed is 20-22 mph.

Max speed of Sunra SWIFT is 25 mph.

Max speed parameter includes 1 rider with some average weight. Increase of weight on scooter during the ride (e.g. wieght of a rider, add of a passenger, add of a cargo) will decrease max speed.

What is the range I can drive on a full battery?

For Sunra Robo-S you can choose range options of  40, 60 and 85 miles.

For Sunra Grace you can choose range options of  40 and 75 miles.

For Greenger G16 max range is 25 miles.

For Sunra Swift its 80 miles.

Don’t forget that many factors decrease max range of an electric moped/scooter. Among most usual are riding on max or high speed, frequent stops, extreme tempratures, weight increase (see above) etc.

Where should I charge QEE moped?

All QEE mopeds are charged from a regular electric socket. All QEE mopeds have a removable battery which gives you a variety of options to charge your battery wherever is more convenient for you: home, office, cafe etc. You can also charge a moped directly without removing your battery.

Do you provide a charging cable?

Yes, we provide you with a charging cable.

Where I can drive QEE mopeds?

All QEE mopeds are street legal. You can drive them as a regular motorcycle on the streets. Be aware that mopeds are not bicycles thus are not allowed on sidewalks or pedestrian areas.

Do I need a driving licence?

 Yes, you do. For Sunra Robo-S you need A1 category driving licence to operate this moped. For Sunra Grace you need an AM category driving licence to operate this moped.

Should I wear a helmet when I ride a moped in the UK?

 Yes, you do. In the UK wearing a safety helmet is a legal requirement for moped riders including passengers. We provide you with a helmet as a present when you buy one of QEE mopeds.

Financial issues

How can I pay for QEE moped?

 With your credit or debit card – VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

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