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Speed model: 45 mph
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City fit: silent beauty
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A cost of just 40 pence to fully charge 2 batteries, providing up to 85 miles riding range. That’s just ½ a pence per mile, saving you as much as £120 per month
Up to
£ 120
savings per month
*compared to a 50cc petrol moped
3 years warranty
Maintenance free
Eco friendly
With zero emissions, QEE moped is your contribution to saving the environment. Keep our planet safe - start riding electric!
0 g/mi
Fully charged
Stay charged all day round with convenient portable batteries. No hassle with special chargers and stations - you just charge it at home, office, or cafe. So easy to be fully charged!
High quality Li-Ion batteries
10Ah chargers
2 batteries per moped
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Enjoy the silence of the smooth ride without a noise to keep your community and city a comfortable place to live.
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Evolution in urban transport keeps going on

Urban traffic is a tough challenge these days. City residents are wasting their time being trapped in jams spread out for miles along the streets where vehicles are barely moving bumper to bumper. Does this really meet our vision of modern mobility?

It seems four wheels appear too excessive for urban transportation. While the road capacity of city streets has reached its limits, the reduction of vehicle dimensions still remains promising. This is about affordable two-wheel (if not one-wheel) motor vehicles capable of unjamming urban streets to restore our freedom of movement.

The sort of personal transport that can meet the needs of mega-city residents is electric mopeds for adults. Unlike motorcycles, an e-moped is easy to operate and maintain. You need no special skills to ride it. You need no gas stations to fill it with petrol. In fact, electric mopeds are akin to bikes by simplicity in use, but they offer more benefits at the same time.

Sunra Robo-S and Sunra Grace are the two best-in-class electric mopeds that Qeemoto offers for sale. Both ones are rightfully considered the best models on the market this year. They demonstrate outstanding characteristics and perfect design.

There is no competitor for Robo-S in speed: this model is the fastest e-moped on the market. Its maneuverability impresses as well. The design of Robo-S corresponds to its performance: it is slick and dynamic.

If you are very design-oriented, the model Grace is just for you since it reflects the very beauty of two-wheel electric vehicles. Its elegance is complemented by 4 color options to select. Besides, this electric moped has 2 batteries allowing you to save on much longer rides with a single charge.

The following advantages make both models worth your attention:

  • Low weight allows both male and female riders to use e-mopeds with comfort;
  • 85-mile range allows to forget about charging for a few days;
  • Silent operation contributes to healthier living conditions in our cities;
  • No traffic problems: you can get to your destination faster than any car, bike, or motorcycle;
  • Cost-effective operation due to electric charging that is way cheaper than any liquid fuel;
  • Zero emissions help save the air from pollution;
  • Access to downtowns and pedestrian areas where cars are prohibited;
  • No legal restrictions: e-mopeds correspond to all traffic laws throughout the world

It is time to regain freedom of movement across the city. Choose your electric moped and forget about traffic problems.

*Last but not least, you will get a free helmet while buying an e-moped from us!

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